About Us

Hatzolah of Union City is a volunteer ambulance squad operating in Union City, New Jersey.

Hatzolah of Union City's mission is to save lives, and to prevent, reduce, and treat injuries and illness. Hatzolah of Union City also provides many other services such as searches for missing people, and community safety programs.

The first branch of Hatzolah was started in Brooklyn, New York, in the late 1960s to address a need in the Jewish community for an ambulance service that understood its cultural and religious needs, and that responded quickly. The idea quickly spread and today there are dozens of Hatzolah branches throughout the world.

Hatzolah's interaction and cooperation with other EMS, Police, Fire, Paramedic, and other agencies leads to better understanding and relationships with the Jewish communities.

Although supported and staffed by the Jewish community, Hatzolah provides care equally to all who are in need, regardless of religion, race, or any other factors. At a call with multiple patients, priority is always given to the more seriously injured patients, in accordance with the triage system.

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